playing with dolls

Playing with Dolls is a series of 3D-designed and -printed objects, including remixes of plastic miniatures that already populate the cultural imaginary, like army men, chess pieces, and other miniature, simulated space similar to that of a doll house. It explores the generative value of what can be learned about materiality, identity, embodiment, spatiality, and world-building through both making and interacting with these figures in both real and virtual space. This presentation was part of a panel entitled, “Queer Remix as Worldbuilding,” at the 2018 R-CADE Symposium. 

Since then, in projects to come, the dolls have found their way into a VR headset and Unity environment to demonstrate the unique transportability of born-digital 3D objects, and how moving across platforms relates to epistemology and affective experience.

in VR
in Unity