DCC208I: 3D Modeling in the Humanities: People, Places, and Things (Fall 2019; UMD)

The proliferation of 3D modeling and printing continues to blur the boundaries of the digital and the analog, the virtual and the real, and allows people, places, and things to traverse these distinctions even more seamlessly. This interdisciplinary course centers the impact of digital 3D technologies and modeling on both humanities research and the human condition, specifically relating to people, places, and things. We will draw from both critical analysis (readings; discussions; films; etc.) and hands-on practices using 3D modeling tools. These include: CAD (computer-aided design) modeling; 3D scanning; 3D printing; character generation; architectural modeling and rendering; and more. This pursuit will include many topics, such as: the value of spatial and material exploration; storytelling and autobiography; fictional and real places of the past, present, and future; connections between design and power, culture, and identity; the agency and expressive value of objects; and connections between emotion and spaces/things. (Please note: no previous experience is necessary; all experience levels are encouraged and welcome.)

DCC209A: Practicum in Design Cultures and Creativity (Spring 2018, 19, 20; UMD)

This two-credit research practicum serves as the culmination of the coursework in the Design Cultures & Creativity Program in the Honors College. It is designed to support students’ individual or collaborative capstone projects by exploring the major issues and questions associated with conducting research in creative digital communities. Given the interdisciplinary nature of DCC, each project is highly individualized thereby providing the unique opportunity for co-learning structured around discussion, experimentation, and group feedback. Through this course, students will be asked to synthesize information, demonstrate intellectual curiosity and resourcefulness, and develop critical thinking and creative problem solving skills. Particular emphasis will be placed on professional development and situating research in the context of larger communities of creative thinkers, makers, artists, and designers. (co-designed course)

DCC208W: Maker Culture, Social Justice, and Speculative Elsewheres (Fall 2018; UMD)

Maker culture, under such a name, began to rise to formalized popularity in the mid-2000s. It centers on hands-on, DIY, often technology-based making in education, entrepreneurial pursuits, and everyday life. We will observe how the values and practices of the “maker movement,” such as collaboration, tinkering, and 3D printing, have cropped up in educational settings and beyond. We will consider how maker culture(s), practices, and projects relate to social identity and power, and in turn, how they relate to issues of social justice and equity, specifically in relation to gender, race, class, and national identity. In this pursuit, we will specifically focus on critical making, as coined by scholar Matt Ratto as, “a mode of materially productive engagement that is intended to bridge the gap between creative physical and conceptual exploration” (2011). The course positions making as a mode of critical thinking. We will also explore how making, with a specific focus on arts-based and creative practices, operates in relation to cultural ideologies and constructions of the material world. The course will include analysis and discussion of various critical topics, involving media, technology, design, speculative literature, and environmental issues, as well as hands-on activities to put those ideas into action.

LGBT200: Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies, online (Summer 2018; UMD)

LGBT321: Lesbian and Gay Identities in a Modern World (Spring 2015; SDSU)

WMST360: Sexuality and the Body (Spring 2014; SDSU)

WMST102: Images of Women, online (Summer 2013; SDSU)

WMST101: Self, Identity, and Society (Spring 2013; SDSU)

WMST101: Self, Identity, and Society (Fall 2012; SDSU)

UMD = University of Maryland, College Park; SDSU = San Diego State University; DCC = Design Cultures and Creativity; WMST = Department of Women’s Studies; LGBT = LGBT Studies